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  • Meta uses your Facebook data to train its AI. Here's how to opt out

Meta uses your Facebook data to train its AI. Here's how to opt out

Generative AI Startup AI21 Labs Lands $155M at a $1.4B Valuation

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1. Britain Must Become a Leader in AI Regulation, Say MPs

British lawmakers have called on the government to become a leader in AI regulation. They believe that the UK should set global standards for the development and use of AI. The lawmakers also warned that AI could be used to create new forms of discrimination and harm. They proposed a new independent regulator to oversee the development and use of AI in the UK.
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2. Generative AI Startup AI21 Labs Lands $155M at a $1.4B Valuation

Generative AI startup AI21 Labs has raised $155 million in funding at a valuation of $1.4 billion. The company's AI technology can generate text, translate languages, and write different kinds of creative content. AI21 Labs' funding will be used to expand its team and to develop new products and services.
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3. Google Cloud and Nvidia Expand Partnership to Advance AI Computing Software and Services

Google Cloud and Nvidia have expanded their partnership to advance AI computing software and services. The partnership will focus on developing new AI-powered solutions for businesses and governments. The companies will also work together to train and certify AI developers.
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4. Meta uses your Facebook data to train its AI. Here's how to opt out

Meta, the parent company of Facebook, uses data from Facebook users to train its AI systems. This data can include things like your posts, likes, and comments. You can opt out of having your data used to train Meta's AI systems, but it's not a complete opt-out.
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5. Reddit launches AI-powered keyword research tool

Reddit has launched an AI-powered keyword research tool called Keyword Suggestions. The tool uses machine learning to generate relevant keywords, then ranks each suggestion by monthly Reddit views while filtering out unsuitable content. This functionality could save advertisers time on keyword research, letting AI take on the heavy-duty work.
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